Kan mRNA-vaksiner forandre ditt DNA for alltid?

Fra Mercola.
Les hele artikkelen her.

"One question that keeps coming up in the constant “debunking” of so-called myths about the COVID-19 mRNA shots is whether they can permanently alter your DNA. Even though the FDA classifies them as gene therapies — as noted by Moderna in its 2018 SEC filing — the CDC calls the mRNA jabs vaccines. And, right in step, one mainstream news article after another proclaims they don’t tinker with your DNA at all.

However, a 2006 study shows that exogenous RNA molecules can be reverse-transcribed in the body into cDNA copies. It’s already known that “mature spermatozoa of most animal species can spontaneously take up foreign DNA molecules which can be delivered to embryos upon fertilization,” the study begins. And then, “These cDNA copies are transferred to embryos at fertilization … [and] the reverse-transcribed sequences behave as functional genes.”

So what does that mean in plain language? What this study says is that sperm can take up foreign messenger RNA, convert it into DNA and release it as plasmids in the medium around the fertilized egg.

What’s most concerning when it comes to the mRNA vaccines is that the study also found that the embryo then takes up these plasmids and carries them (sustains and clones them into many of the daughter cells) throughout its life, even passing them on to future generations. So, the real answer as to whether or not mRNA gene therapy can permanently alter your DNA is a definite yes — and it’s something scientists have been aware for years.

This should make any person of child-bearing age think. Remember: Unlike EVERY OTHER drug that has a pregnancy warning of caution, COVID vaccine pregnant women are actually encouraged to get them, even though pregnant women were excluded from the initial Phase 3 clinical trials of the vaccines!

Specifically, the CDC says on its website: “Any of the currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines can be offered to people who are pregnant or breastfeeding.” And that is reprehensible carelessness to recommend these vaccines to either pregnant women or men, as it’s possible they could easily cause miscarriages.

A more scientific way of putting it is that a vaccinated woman’s embryo could synthesize the spike protein via the sperm’s plasmids, which then would have an immune capacity to attack the embryo due to the “foreign” protein it displays on its cells, and ultimately cause a spontaneous abortion, i.e., a miscarriage. The only question, then, is will these vaccines end up being a type of birth control?".