Antall smittede i Texas har gått ned etter at maskepåbud ble opphevet

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"Looks like the “Neanderthals” in Texas got it right – and President Joseph R. Biden and the mainstream media were terribly wrong. Weeks after disregarding their mask mandate, the Lone Star State hasn’t seen a spike in coronavirus cases – in fact, coronavirus cases have decreased for the 18th day in a row. Texas has administered 10 million vaccine doses, with nearly 13% of its population fully vaccinated, hospitalizations have decreased, and death rates have plummeted, according to the Texas Tribune. How does any of this make any sense?

Vanity Fair predicted there would be another 500,000 deaths in Texas and Mississippi because of their decision to eliminate their statewide mask mandate. Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision was akin to a “ death warrant ,” and that he was “ sacrificing the lives of our fellow Texans…for political gain .” CNN quoted an ICU nurse saying, “ I’m scared of what this is going to look like, ” and Dr. Anthony Fauci called the move “ inexplicable .”

Meanwhile, cases are increasing in New York in New Jersey – two states with heavy coronavirus restrictions – businesses and schools are still not fully reopened and there are mask mandates. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy took a swipe at Gov. Abbott’s decision to lift his state’s mask mandate by saying he was “ stunned ” and couldn’t “ conceive of lifting a mask mandate inside". Yet, mask mandates and limiting business capacity doesn’t seem to be helping New Jersey or New York.

Perhaps, just perhaps, all of these coronavirus restrictions don’t make any difference in stifling the virus. The mainstream media was quick to predict disaster in the southern states which have largely returned to normal, like Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, yet just as with Texas, the data doesn’t bear out any of these dire predictions".


Nu går det mot sommer i Skandinavia, og forkjølelser reduseres naturlig fordi sollys både tar livet av virus og får huda vår til å produsere D-vitamin som styrker immunforsvaret. Og sola letter sinnet; det har òg en helbredende effekt, som Jesus lærte oss.

Helsedirektoratet, på sin side, vil ta æren for sommeren og påstå at det var deres eksperimentelle vaksineprosjektet som reduserte forkjølelsen. Merk mine ord.


Jeg tror dig Thormothr,

MEN, vi skal hele tiden huske paa, at Helsedirektoratet udelukkende kan paastaa dette overfor de faa mennesker der, til den tid, stadig lever og, ikke er blevet tvangs-vaccineret ihjel :sleepy:

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