Twitter stenger ute en journalist som opplyste om Center for Disease Controls egne fakta om "vaksinene"

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Twitter Suspends Journalist Who Repeated CDC Fact on Vaccines.

By Jonathan Turley.

Global Research, August 06, 2021.

Jonathan Turley 4 August 2021.

Theme: Police State & Civil Rights.


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"Greg Piper writers for the news site Just The News and recently decided to share a story from The College Fix, where he was previously an editor. The story included the line “Vaccines are not safe for everyone.” That line appears to have prompted Twitter to suspend his account despite the fact that some people have medical exemptions from the vaccine due to the high risk posed by preexisting medical conditions. Indeed, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that some people cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons. The latest censorship controversy is reminiscent of the suspension of writer Alex Berenson after he posted the public results of a Pfizer vaccine trial.

The CDC repeatedly has stressed that “All states provide medical exemptions.” CDC website also states that “all states and the District of Columbia allow a medical exemption. A medical exemption is allowed when a child has a medical condition that prevents them from receiving a vaccine.”

This is a standard question for all vaccines. The CDC has a site titled “Who Should Not Get Vaccinated with these Vaccines” that stresses “because of age, health conditions, or other factors, some people should not get certain vaccines or should wait before getting them.”

Specifically on Covid-19, the CDC warns “adults of any age with certain underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19.” The CDC offers a list of people who have a high risk of severe illness from the vaccine.

However, when Piper noted that “vaccines are not safe for everyone,” he was hit with a suspension for spreading misinformation by Twitter:

Even if Piper’s posting is controversial, the suspension is another example of Twitter enforcing its own corporate view of “the truth.” It will not allow anyone to debate or discuss opposing views on such subjects. If Piper’s positing is misleading, then allow others to rebut or refute the posting. Instead, Twitter is enforcing one of the largest censorship programs in history.

It is the license of the censor. Twitter is unwilling to let people read or discuss viewpoints that it disagrees with as a corporation. Many on the left, however, have embraced the concept of corporate speech and censorship. It turns out that the problem with censorship for many was the failure to censor views that they opposed. With the “right” censors at work, the free speech concerns have been set aside".

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