Vaksine mafiaen


  1. Pfizer Inc. – track record of bribery, engaging in illegal, corrupt marketing practices and suppressing adverse trial results. Fined $2.3 billion in 2009 for false claims.

2) Moderna Inc.- has never successfully produced a medicine of any kind nor obtained FDA approval for any of it’s previous 9 “vaccine” candidates. Earned award for “worst example of profiteering and dysfunction in healthcare” by the Lown Institute;

3) Johnson and Johnson Inc.- J&J has paid out billions of dollars for civil settlements and criminal activities. Fined $2.2 billion in 2013 for false claims and kickbacks. More recently J&J has been in the spotlight for its role in the opioid crisis. J&J has no history in vaccine development;

4) AstraZeneca Inc.- AstraZeneca pled guilty to criminal and civil charges relating to the illegal marketing of the prostate cancer drug Zoladex. $520 million fine for illegally marketing anti-psychotic drug Seroquel for uses not approved by the FDA.


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