Dallas: Unformerte soldater går på barer og 7-Eleven og gir Covid-19 "vaksiner" til tilfeldige yngre

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"But one initiative in Dallas County in Texas is going far beyond anything we’ve seen thus far, and as many on social media have observed, it is downright creepy and bizarre in its brazenly coercive optics . Texas has long been fully opened and bars and restaurants are now packed, but vaccine sites are not, apparently. So naturally Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) thought it would be a good idea to go to the bars with the vaccines… along with uniformed US Army National Guard soldiers.

On a busy Friday night in a Dallas neighborhood widely dubbed the “live music capital of North Texas” US military personnel entered popular venues , including random convenience stores (as seen in the video), to coerce coax unvaccinated individuals to get the jab on the spot .

So right now we are going to give a COVID vaccine to someone inside a 7-Eleven – this is what community service looks like and getting the community vaccinated,” a video narrator states. The Dallas County HHS featured its efforts in a short social media clip showing a couple of US Army solders in full camouflage fatigues flanking a top Dallas health official.

“We’re going out tonight too administering the COVID-19 to bar goers in Deep Ellum,” the Twitter post said. “By getting vaccinated you’ll be able to enjoy going out again knowing that you’re safe & protected” – except of course the people in the popular nightlife area this past weekend were already clearly quite comfortable “going out again” to have a good time. A local CBS-DFW news clip said of the new Dallas HHS-National Guard campaign that Dallas County is hoping to attract the “younger crowd”.

Not only were multiple uniformed federal troops manning a “pop-up” vaccine table on a Deep Ellum street, but they were filmed going into the venues to confront encounter people. The local CBS affiliate emphasized the campaign “targets” young people (as the above local news coverage of the initiative spells out exactly).

“Specifically where the younger people are,” as “this week the FDA announced it’s expanding emergency use authorization for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for those 12 and up,” CBS said. And one top Dallas health official told the broadcaster: “That’s why we are here”as uniformed soldiers stood behind him.

One 7-11 clerk who agreed to receive the shot was asked by the troops: “How do you feel that you got the vaccine right here, at work, by US soldiers?” The man then extolls the benefits of being a US citizen – which given the weird optics of the whole encounter between the jab-proffering Army personnel and an apparently somewhat recent immigrant to the US, brings up some serious questions…

For starters, when a “vaccine crew” of literal uniformed soldiers randomly walks up to citizens saying they “need to get vaxxed”… do the individuals understand it’s entirely an option and not an authoritative mandate ? And would (in the example of the video) a recent immigrant to the country or even new American citizen understand the nature of the encounter?

But of course this appears to be the entire point… “Since Feb. 24, it [Dallas] has served as one of several federal vaccination sites run by the U.S. military and Federal Emergency Management Agency aimed at increasing immunity in underserved and highly vulnerable communities,” The Dallas Morning News wrote previously.

With vaccine hesitancy on the rise, and with President Biden’s new bizarre announcement that “Those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price” – is the new “creative” strategy all about putting “muscle” in terms of serious federal authority in the room (or on busy nightlife venue streets) for added pressure?".

Prisverdig at Texas har opphevet alle koronarestriksjoner, men utrolig at yngre mennesker som er ute på byen en kveld, plutselig kan stå ovenfor uniformerte soldater som presser dem til å ta en mRNA-injeksjon, en injeksjon de kanskje er kritisk til, men myndigheten til en uniformert soldat gjør at de i forfjamselsen lar seg injisere. I Dallas kan en altså ikke gå ut en kveld for å ta en øl eller handle på 7-Eleven uten fare for å bli injisert med en mRNA-injeksjon som forandrer DNAet for alltid, og kan gi alvorlige bivirkninger nesten umiddelbart.

Europa har det med å innføre det som starter i USA, og kommer dette hit, blir det med vaksinepass det komplette tyranni. Innbyggerne blir frittgående i et åpent fangenskap uten mulighet for å unnslippe en mRNA-injeksjon som gjør en til livsvarig kunde/slave for Big Pharma, det blir livet for de i slaveklassen i New World Order etter The Grat Reset, for de som overlever vel å merke.