Dr. Charles Hoffe: Jeg kan ikke tie lenger, jeg har bevis på at de løy om positive tester og dødsfall for å skremme folk til å ta vaksinene

Fra Principa Scientific.
Les hele artikkelen her med et videointervju med Dr. Charles Hoffe, Bitchute ca 14 min.

"Dr. Charles Hoffe is one of many whistleblowing medical experts hit with a gag Order following speaking up on the multitude of harms caused by the experimental COVID19 vaccine rushed out by Big Pharma and their co-conspirators in governments.

Doctors and medical staff are being silenced on adverse reactions from the Covid vaccine. Dr. Hoffe explains: “I am a respiratory therapist and have seen the truths and the lies of Covid. I have proof they lied on the number of positive cases and the death in order to promote fear prior to the vaccine. I am not willing to be silent anymore"".