Dr. Roger Hodkinson om COVID19: "Det har vært en stor løgn hele tiden".

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Dr. Roger Hodkinson On COVID19: “It’s All Been A Pack Of Lies”.

Published on August 20, 2021.

Written by John O’Sullivan.


A ‘much see’ video for all still fearful over a non-existent deadly virus (just the flu re-packaged for the gullible). Dr. Roger Hodkinson is among thousands of brave medics exposing the greatest scientific fraud in human history.

"Dr. Hodkinson (photo, above) is one of the most eminent pathologists in the world. His impassioned plea to stop the madness of the COVID19 fraud and the toxic and expensive ‘vaccines’ served up to fight a non-existent pandemic is heart rending because many thousands, if not millions, of lives have been ruined by the mass deception foisted on us by Big Pharma, corrupt political leaders and a compliant mainstream media.

Watch the video below:

Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/rvkaOdrXKEQc/.

More are waking up to this scam. Most have been too timid about speaking outside their little world of friends. But now this is not the time to be fearful. We must all freely share the truth of the toxic jab – a cynical stealth weapon from eugenicists bent on massively cutting the global population. These Malthusians are lying to us and we must stop the poison from being put in more people if we value our well being and the future of humanity.

Like many of my colleagues, I have been a staunch activist denouncing these genocidal crimes – barking numerous times at elected officials and alerting as many people as possible via Principia Scientific International.

Like a good many of our readers, I have written to my doctor to protest (I got no reply). For a year and a half many of us speaking out about this lunacy have found our small worlds to be lonely places as we take a stand against the brainwashed crowd.

All of us putting our heads above the parapets to denounce the medical malfeasance have at some point been ridiculed as a bunch of far out whackos who don’t know what they’re talking about.

The Contagion Myth’ – New Book Exposing COVID-19 Fallacies.

We have lived the past century beholden to the mainstream media and false ‘experts’ touted as the most authoritative spokespeople. But we have discovered the ‘experts’ were actually the dishonest shills of their paymasters and not concerned a jot about the Greater Good.

Thankfully, in the past 18 months a truer, more honorable and decent cohort of real experts, not invested in the scam have emerged. We have published most of them on Principia Scientific International and readers may learn more of their work by freely using the ‘Search’ feature on the top right of our website (see photo, below).


To get you started, if you are new to this site, we have a few suggestions below, but there are very many more.

We recommend checking out Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Ivor Cummings, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Chris Martenson, Dr Sam Bailey, Professor Ioannidis, Dr Saeed Qureshi, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr Judy Wilyman, Dr Kory and his FLCCC Alliance, Tony Heller, Tom Woods, Ann Coulter, Dr John Lee, the Mises Institute and many more.

From reading our extensive, reliable, free-to-access content even non-scientists can adroitly fathom that the vaccine programs are coercive and are an imposition, being untested and licensed for emergency use only.

Have You Actually Read A COVID19 Vaccine Consent Form Yet?.

‘Vaccine’ is a misleading term anyway because these potions offer no immunity as such. They are, in essence, gene therapy. Their actual purpose is to advance transhumanism and make the global more compliant as a drone class to the queen bee billionaires who own and run the UN most international universities and medical institutes. Principia Scientific has detailed how and why many of the ‘rules’ imposed are unlawful..

While Satanists have peddled false remedies to boost their coffer they have denigrated cheap, effective re-purposed medicines such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin because little, if any, profit can be made from them.

A Cheap, New COVID Cure Just Did Away Any Need For A Vaccine!.

But the best cure for any disease is prevention – such as a prophylactic. Our modern lifestyles are made toxic, not by accident but by design. We cut down our cholesterol because we are told cholesterol is ‘bad’ yet cholesterol is 75 percent of what our brains are. No wonder Alzheimer’s is on the rise, along with obesity from all the sugar and additives in processed foods. High sugar diets cause cancers. It may also be dumbing down your kids..

12 Proven Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha.

The lesson we must all learn is trust no one. Be responsible for your own health and well being and boost your immune systems with everything from cod liver oil to exercise via vitamins D, zinc, sunshine, air, love, family and friendship and stress avoidance.

Study Shows Devastating Effect Of Pandemic On Mental Wellbeing.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is confident that there will be a reckoning for this “incredibly mad episode in human history".

“I Think The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall And When The Dust Settles…Reputations Will Be Slaughtered Because This Has Been A Pack Of Lies From Start To Finish".


Be assured that legal remedies – class action lawsuits – against the mendacious monsters who brought such evil upon us are in full swing. In time, the most culpable will likely get the comeuppance their Nazi counterparts were dealt in 1946 at the Nuremberg Trials. Nuremberg 2.0 is coming and at the vanguard of justice is Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his dedicated international team – “We Have the Evidence“. You can even sign up to be a part of the class-action claim (see here).

We should remain watchful but be hopeful. The White Hats have the Black Hats on the run and the days of Rothschild pre-eminence are numbered. Peace and love to you all2.

Og her i Norge er coronapass innført uten debatt eller vedtak. Og folk godtar å vise det på arrangement og at elever og studenter massetestes for å være «grønne»:face_vomiting:

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Netop Smiley og, hvor er Jeg lykkelig for, at min personlighed, er saadan indrettet, at jeg elsker min alene-hed for, som Verdens befolkning nu er (frivilligt hjerne vaskede), da er 99% af menneskeheden I disse aar, meget lidt vaerd at bruge livskvalitet og tid paa…

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