Fare for hyperinflasjon?: 78% av US dollaren er trykket i de siste 12 månedene

Fra ZeroHedge.
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"Charlotte, NC - 4/12/2021 - For those who are wondering why asset prices are continuing higher and if they will continue, here is your answer. It is a myth that markets are driven by supply and demand. Markets are manipulated and the Fed controls the money supply. When the Fed creates Trillions of dollars, that money flows into assets driving prices higher (Crypto, Stocks, Real Estate, etc.). As explained in Splitting Pennies - Monetary Policy moves markets, not traders.

Traders, this is what the dollar debasement looks like. We are in hyperinflation - buckle up it’s going to get bubbly. When you invert the chart like this, the US Dollar went down by 78% in about 12 months. How much did BTC go up in the last 14 months? About 600%. How about stocks, real estate, or valuations of Pre IPO companies?

Or to look at it another way - Crypto is inflating at about 10x that of the USD. For BTC to go 100x making it 6 Million USD, we’d need to see a whopping 10x increase in M1, or 180 Trillion from today’s 18 Trillion. That’s all fine, but with those kind of increases, how much will it cost to buy bread, energy, food, housing, and other things you don’t need because the Fed says so?

A select few know this well, but a quick note for the masses that watch too much TV (where they see nonsense like “Modern Monetary Theory”). The way the global monetary system is structured, is a debt based money system. The Fed acts as the master gate keeper of the debt based money supply. If banks, other central banks, Congress, or the IMF need money, they call the Fed".

Hva skjer med Oljefondet hvis dollaren synker som en sten? Det meste av Oljefondet er bundet opp i dollar, og er dermed bundet til dollarmasten. Hvor mye av Oljefondet vil gå ned med dollaren hvis dollarboblen sprekker?