Milliardærenes formue økte med 4000 milliarder dollar siden koronakrisen startet

Fra ZeroHedge.
Les hele artikkelen med liste over de rikeste her.

"Unsurprisingly, given the tremendous rally in asset prices over the past year, the 2,365 billionaires living on planet earth have seen their wealth increase by a collective $4 trillion - a 54% increase over the span of a year. Put another way, total wealth held by billionaires ballooned to $12.39 trillion, up from $8.04 trillion.

270 billionaires were added to the Institute’s billionaires list - ie the tres commas club - during the past year, while 91 names were removed for - for a net increase of 179 (we wish the 91 individuals removed from the list the best of luck on “re-billionizing”.

Of the nearly 2.5K billionaires tracked by the Institute, 13 billionaires saw their wealth soar by more than 500%. The Institute grouped these lucky individuals in its “500% Club”. It noted that all of them had investments and connections to companies that benefited the most (in terms of market capitalization) from the pandemic".

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Psykopater allesammen!!