Mahin Khatami: Vaksinene ødelegger immunforsvaret

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"From the journal, Clinical and Translational Medicine we have this eye-opening paper by Mahin Khatami of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (Retired) that you will never see in the fake mainstream news. [1]

Khatami unearthed a series of shocking discoveries at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, in collaboration with supportive scientists in the 1980s. Analyses of all data and extension of studies were done at NCI/NIH, since 1998, despite heavy intellectual harassment and bullying that impeded publication for many years, until now.

Khatami’s work uncovered enormous medical crimes against humanity perpetrated by a psychopathic elite such that:

“In the last seven decades, the guardians of public health, instead of promoting health and preventing diseases, successfully managed to chip away the naturally synchronized and complex molecular dynamics of effective immunity and increased and shifted the population of induced diseases in young and old.”

The evidence shows that the multi-national pharmaceutical industry is the hidden tool for mass population control – these are white collar purveyors of systemic murder by stealth. Our medicines, vaccines and treatments prescribed to us by ‘experts’ do the opposite of protect and promote health. In fact, frequent use of drugs and pathogen-specific vaccines are the seeds of our immune system’s destruction.

Khatami is a former insider and now whistleblower against a well-camouflaged enemy that has been plying weapons of mass destruction against us under the guise of public health policies. Decades of brainwashing and coercion via a complicit mass media successfully quelled much dissent and all serious open debate such that we routinely submit to state demands to over-vaccinate our young and elderly populations.

Via World Health Organization rules which must be applied by signatory state governments, our corrupt politicians have inflicted upon us for over a year relentless fearmongering about ‘deadly’ covid-19 (which has never been proven to exist and for which no government can supply evidence) so we submit to remorseless lockdowns that are, in truth, Medical Marshal Law.

The overriding objective has been to ‘vaccinate’ over seven billion of us with an experimental potion delivered by profit-driven manufacturers given total immunity from any legal claims for any harms inflicted on us".