Paul Craig Roberts: Europa bør bryte med USA, det kan forhindre en storkrig

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"Europe should break away from Washington’s control, it would deter total war – Paul Craig Roberts.

Herland Report: Europe should break away from the Washington dominion, writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He is one of America’s leading political economists and former editor of Wall Street Journal, chairman of The Institute for Political Economy and a well-known author and a regular contributor to The Herland Report.

European governments do not realize their potential to save the world from Washington’s aggression, because the western Europeans are accustomed to being Washington’s vassal states since the end of World War 2. The eastern and central Europeans have accepted Washington’s vassalage since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Vassalage pays well if all the costs are not counted. Because of Europe’s subservience to Washington, Washington is unlikely to learn this lesson before Washington marches on Russia.

Europe must take the lead, especially the central Europeans. These are peoples who were liberated from the Nazis by the Russians and who have in the 21st century experienced far more aggression from Washington’s pursuit of its hegemony than they have experienced from Moscow. By joining NATO, the eastern and central Europeans permitted Washington to move US military presence to Russia’s borders. This military presence on Russia’s borders gave Washington undue confidence that Russia also could be coerced into a vassal state existence.

Despite the dire fate of the two finest armies ever assembled—Napoleon’s Grand Army and that of Germany’s Wehrmacht—Washington hasn’t learned that the two rules of warfare are: (1) Don’t march on Russia. (2) Don’t march on Russia.

Washington in its hubristic idiocy has already begun this march piecemeal with the coup in Ukraine and with its attacks on Syrian military positions. As I wrote earlier today. Washington is escalating the crisis in Syria. What can stop this before it explodes into war is eastern and central Europe’s decision to disengage as enablers of Washington’s aggression.

There are no benefits to Europe of being in NATO. Europeans are not threatened by Russian aggression, but they are threatened by Washington’s aggression against Russia. If the American neoconservatives and their Israeli allies succeed in provoking a war, all of Europe would be destroyed. Forever.

What is wrong with European politicians that they take this risk with the peoples that they govern?Europe is still a place of beauty constructed by humans over the ages—architecturally, artistically, and intellectually—and the museum should not be destroyed. Once free of Washington’s vassalage, Europe could even be brought back to creative life.

Europe is already suffering economically from Washington’s illegal sanctions against Russia forced upon Europeans by Washington and from the millions of non-European refugees flooding the European countries fleeing from Washington’s illegal wars against Muslim peoples, wars that Americans are forced to fight for the benefit of Israel.

What do Europeans get for the extreme penalties imposed on them as Washington’s vassals? They get nothing but the threat of Armageddon. A small handful of European “leaders” get enormous subsidies from Washington for enabling Washington’s illegal agendas. Just take a look at Tony Blair’s enormous fortune, which is not the normal reward for a British prime minister.

Europeans, including the “leaders,” have much more to gain from being connected to the Russia/China Silk Road project. It is the East that is rising, not the West. The Silk Road would connect Europe to the rising East. Russia has undeveloped territory full of resources—Siberia—that is larger than the United States. On a purchasing power parity basis, China is already the world’s largest economy. Militarily the Russian/Chinese alliance is much more than a match for Washington.

If Europe had any sense, any leadership, it would tell Washington good-bye. What is the value to Europe of Washington’s hegemony over the world? How do Europeans, as opposed to a handful of politicians receiving bags full of money from Washington, benefit from their vassalage to Washington?

Not one benefit can be identified. Washington’s apologists say that Europe is afraid of being dominated by Russia. So why aren’t Europeans afraid of their 73 years of domination by Washington, especially a domination that is leading them into military conflict with Russia?

If we add the battle deaths of the global war on terror as of Aug. 2017—6,930—we have 568,559 US battle deaths in all US wars. That compares to 714,231 casualties, from which I am unable at this time to separate battle deaths from nonmortal wounds and maiming from a single World War 1 battle that did not involve US soldiers.

In other words, except for the Confederate States and native Americans, who endured enormous Union war crimes, the US has no experience of war. So Washington enters war with ease. The next time, however, will be Armageddon, and Washington will no longer exist. And neither will the rest of us.

US deaths in World War 1 were low because the US did not enter the war until the last year. Similarly in World War 2. Japan was defeated by the loss of her navy and air force and by the firebombing of Tokyo and other Japanese cities, which required few US battle deaths. The nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were gratuitous and took place when Japan was asking to surrender.

Approximately 200,000 Japanese civilians died in the nuclear attacks and no Americans except prisoners of war held in those cities. In Europe, as in World War 1, the US did not enter the war against Germany until the last year when the Wehrmacht had already been broken and defeated by the Soviet Red Army. The Normandy invasion faced scant opposition as all German forces were on the Russian front.

If there is a World War 3 the US and all of the Western world would be immediately destroyed as nothing stands between the West and the extraordinary nuclear capability of Russia except the likelihood of complete and total destruction. If China enters on Russia’s side, as is expected, the destruction of the entirety of the Western World will be for all time.

Why does Europe enable this scenario? Is there no humanity, no intelligence left anywhere in Europe? Is Europe nothing but a collection of cattle awaiting slaughter from the machinations of the crazed American neocons? Are there no European political leaders with one ounce of common sense, one ounce of integrity?

If not, doom is upon us as there is no humanity or intelligence in Washington. Europe must take the lead, especially the central Europeans. These are peoples who were liberated from the Nazis by the Russians and who have in the 21st century experienced far more aggression from Washington’s pursuit of its hegemony than they have experienced from Moscow. If Europe breaks away from Washington’s control, there is hope for life. If not, we are as good as dead".


Netop Northern Light. Det er mange aar side Jeg foerste gang henviste til Eduardo Galeano’s bog “Open veins of Latin America” som omhandler hvordan USA metodisk har oedelagt Syd Amerika…

Ingen Europaere oensker at lytte til dette for USA ville aldrig oedelaegge Europa…men, er det ikke netop hvad der nu sker!?

Mit forslag til titlen paa bogen om Europa er “The open minds of Europa”…ingen Europaere vil lytte…???

Saa sent som I gaar aftes, havde Jeg en LILLE debat med en bekendt fra Universitet paa St. Thomas og, vi talte om universitets uddannelser og, hvordan disse bliver kapitaliseret saa mange mennesker aldrig vil kunne betale for dem og ikke mindst, hvordan de meget penge-rige Jo ofte Snyder og svindler sig gennem de uddannelser, HVIS de overhovedet tager reelle uddannelser og, ikke bare, via nogen de kender som kender andre, faar sig en forfalsket uddannelse som I virkeligheden ikke eksisterer…

Dette sker Jo ogsaa allerede I Europa ved Jeg og, Jeg stillede min bekendte spoergsmaalet, om ‘man’ saa ikke ogsaa kan oedelaegge hele undervisnings systemet, - f.eks. paa et andet Kontinent - for at oedelaegge menneskene der. …venter ikke overraskende stadig paa svar…

I samme forbindelse kommer mine tanker ind paa et moede, Jeg ved fandt Sted I the Carribean tilbage I 2010/11 - et moede afholdt umiddelbart efter the Carribean Nations havde udtalt at de oenskede at laegge sager an mod ALLE de gamle Kolonilande, for ALLE skaderne paadraget dem under den Trans Atlantiske Slavehandel…dette blev selvfoelgelig - heller ikke overraskende -blankt afvist! Mit spoergsmaal om dette moede: Helt praecist hvem ellers deltog I dette moede!? Og, hvad blev aftalen?? Vi har aldrig hoert mere om det…vel USA, som Jo allerede ejer en del af the Caribbean…???

For ganske kort tod siden kom der ligeledes udtalelser fra USA om, hvordan Europa vil vaere om faa aar, naar skaderne efter forsoegs- “vaccinerne” virkelig begynder at vise sig her - Europaerne lytter stadig ikke for, det kan ikke ske her - “vi” er jo den “HVIDE” overmagt (koloni-magter)…er vi virkelig???

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