Robert F. Kennedy Jr. om hvordan Tony Fauci jobber for interessene til legemiddelindustrien

Robert F. Kennedy har skrevet bestselgeren The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health


I desember (2021) var Kennedy på The Jimmy Dore Show og fortalte noen forbløffende opplysninger om den amerikanske og globale helseindustrien. Blant annet dette:

[Tony Fauci] gives away $ 7,6 billion a year. That’s 2-3 times of what [Bill] Gates gives away. When you take him and Gates, who work tandemly - they partner on everything, they talk together a couple times a week, they are business partners. (…) If you take those two together and one other guy…Jeremy Farrar, who is their other de facto partner, and who’s head of the Wellcome Trust, which is the UK version of the Bill & Melinda Foundation…between those 3 men, they control 61% of the biomedical research funding on earth. So if you wanna get your study funded, you gotta go to those guys. And not only can they give you the money, but they also can kill your study, because they control all the other funding sources - they can kill your study, they can ruin your career, they can bankrupt colleges who do science they do not want done.

Se en god porsjon av intervjuet med Kennedy her: