Bombe: Pfizer innrømmer at vaksinerte sprer smitte til uvaksinerte

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"The latest “conspiracy theorist” to come forward and warn about particulate shedding from those who were recently “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is none other than Pfizer itself. The pharma giant’s own documents openly admit that people who were recently jabbed for the Chinese virus can transmit whatever is contained in the syringe to others, including through skin contact.

“An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with a vaccine test subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event,” the Pfizer document warns.
“These people may include health care providers, family members, and other people who are around the trial participant.”

In other words, there is something contained in the injections that cause the injected to become “superspreaders.” Pfizer does not indicate what this is, however it does warn that the culprits are people who were recently injected. Such transmission might occur from a simple handshake or a hug. It will almost certainly happen during sexual activity, which means those who are wanting to avoid contracting whatever poison is inside these things should be sure that their partner did not receive an injection.

The document goes on to reveal that vaccinated women who are pregnant could suffer spontaneous abortions and other reproductive problems – and unvaccinated people who come into contact with them could as well. Vaccinated mothers can also pass whatever is contained in the Pfizer injection to their babies through tainted breast milk as well.

Pfizer: Coronavirus vaccine shedding can occur through “inhalation or skin contact”.

Pfizer further admits that vaccinated men can transmit viral components to women at the time of conception, meaning both women and their unborn babies could become infected with the poisons through outside contact. A pregnant woman who is unvaccinated could also pick up the viral components from her doctor or another family member who was vaccinated. According to Pfizer, this can occur “by inhalation or skin contact.”

Oh, but the vaccines are not actually shedding, the media and the establishment claim. This is just a wild “conspiracy theory,” we are being told. Why, then, is Pfizer warning quietly in its informational materials that being in close proximity to a vaccinated person could cause health problems? “If this vax is not shedding into other people, why would contact between vaccinated and un-vaccinated be an event worth noting?” asks Taps Newswire .

“If this vax is not shedding, then WHY does a guy who has been around a vaccinated woman, even if he did not touch her or have sex, need to worry about getting a different woman pregnant?” Pfizer wants clinical trial participants who believe they might have been exposed “environmentally” to chemical shedding from someone who was jabbed for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to report the incident via the company’s Vaccine SAE Report Form and EDP Supplemental Form.

Pfizer is doing this because outside exposure to vaccine components could kill a pregnant mother’s baby. The company does not plan to log any injuries or deaths from such exposure within its study, however, because it considers such information irrelevant to the study participants themselves. “This is why we have green screen Biden", Taps Newswire adds in speculation.

“They are ALL green screen now, we just caught Biden. They are green screen and working from sets because they have opened Pandora’s box and intend to hide out until everything is finished. This is why many people are claiming the White House is empty and that they are working from a set ad are not actually there. Because they are not there. If they do ever go on camera, they are not where they say they are"".

Hovedstrømspressen med NRK i spissen har fremstilt det hele tiden som om det er de uvaksinerte som er faren og som sprer kornavirus. Men det som Pfizer dokumentene viser, det er omvendt. “Vaksinene” er fremstilt med komponenter som har til hensikt å smitte andre med koronavirus. Uvaksinerte gravide som kommer i kontakt med vaksinerte, kan altså risikere å abortere.

mRNA-injeksjonene er biovåpen, det er ikke noe bedre navn på dem. Viruset Covid-19 er ikke isolert, det er en ord-konstruksjon. mRMA-injeksjonene er for befolkningsreduksjon, de desimerer befolkningene, mens MSMs oppdrag for storkapitalen bak den konstruerte koronakrisen, er å få folk til å tro at dødsfallene på grunn av injeksjonene skyldes “nye virus-varianter” og “mutasjoner”.

Med den informasjonen som finnes nå bare noen måneder etter massevaksineringen av hele en milliard mennesker, må injiseringen av mRNA og de ukjente stoffene anses som drapsforsøk. DNAet forandres permanent uten at det kan reverseres, og individet har fått et redusert immunforsvar for resten av livet. Dette er befolkningsreduksjon kamuflert som en helsekrise, en krig mot menneskeheten av den globale storkapitalen som skal oppfylle Kalergi-planen for sin New World Order.


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