Merkelig fenomen: Uvaksinerte, spesielt gravide, blir syke når de er sammen med Covid-19 vaksinerte

Fra Global Research.
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"In a bizarre turn of events, the COVID vaxxed are apparently causing ill effects to the unvaccinated around them, as countless reports and anecdotes affirm. The more time goes by, the more horrible effects of the COVID “vaccine” (which is not a vaccine but a medical device and experimental gene therapy) come to light. If you thought you’d be safe just by avoiding being COVID vaxxed , think again! These reports reveal that the unvaccinated are getting sick or suffering some kind of ill effect just by being in the vicinity of the COVID vaccinated. Women are feeling it most, especially in the reproductive realm. They are coming donw with irregular and heavy menstruation, bleeding while pregnant and suffering miscarriages. Other non-vaccinated people are getting migraines, random bruising and sudden nosebleeds just being around those who got the COVID shot. Others report their pet died when touched by someone who got the COVID jab. Is the COVID vaccine excreting pathogens? Is this more than viral shedding ? It is transmitting disease in some way? What is going on here?

COVID Vaxxed Women Greatly and Negatively Affecting Menstrual Cycles of Unvaccinated Women:
It is well known that, when women live together or spend time in close proximity, their menstrual cycles naturally synchronize. While that is a natural phenomenon, what has been happening recently is decidedly unnatural. Chloe Angeline (“Self-Healing Mama”), who works as a holistic reproductive practitioner and doula, and is in touch with fertility and pregnancy communities, put out this video last week warning people, especially women, to be careful of other women who have been COVID vaxxed. Unvaccinated women have been suffering intense and negative period pain just by being around COVID vaxxed women. She suggests that the COVID vaccine is directly related to infertility and sterilization".


Usch… Jag träffade min pappa i helgen, som har fått en dos av Biontech… Och efter det har jag haft både ont i magen och blött näsblod (brukar inte uppleva något av det i vanliga fall)… :disappointed: Det kan ju bara vara ett sammanträffande. Vad vet jag?

Jag har tänkt att dessa historier kanske är del av psy-op’en för att så ytterligare splittring mellan vaccinerade och ovaccinerade, istället för att inse att vi är på samma lag…

Men jag blir ju såklart nojjig efter den här händelsen… Jag är i “reproduktiv ålder” och önskar mig fler barn… samtidigt kan jag inte undvika att träffa den delen av min familj som har låtit sig injiceras… :disappointed::pensive::frowning::cry:


Ja, er allerede masse tystere som oppgir andre folk til smittesporere.

På tide med mottoet «en svensk tiger» igjen.
En norsk tiger…