Oppfinneren av Covid-19 vaksinen: Statistikken viser store fremtidige farer med vaksinene, og skylder på manglende langtidstesting med dyreforsøk

Fra Coronavirus News.
Les hele artikkelen her med to videoer hvor Dr. Robert Malone blir intervjuet.


"Directly contradicting Dr. Fauci’s, the FDA’s, and the media and medical establishment’s relentless campaign to inject as many Americans as possible with what are, at least until the end of 2022, officially experimental drugs, the inventor of the mRNA core technology has sounded the alarm on new data showing the vaccines are “dangerous,” with possible long-term affects which can only be guessed at.

Dr. Robert Malone, in essence, all but indicated that, given the new data, the mRNA injections are a ticking time bomb.

In a key exchange in the interview Dr. Malone addressed a recent Japanese study which shows that the mRNA shot does not work in the manner intended. All new drugs have typically undergone three to six years of animal trials.

Introducing the topic, Dr. Bret Weinstein said ( RUSH TRANSCRIPT ):

“So I must say that this is a difficult topic for us to address. We all, I believe, are agreed that something very serious is afoot and the public is largely unaware that they have been placed into a kind of danger. And we also know that there’s a great deal of stigma directed at those who would explore these dangers.”

“They did not believe the spike was biologically active. That was the big mystery.”

“Now know the spike protein is very dangerous there. It is violent. We also know so if it was very dangerous, but it did what the
brochure on these vaccines says it should do, which is large in the membrane of the cells that are doing the transcribing, it would be
a lot less destructive, right?”

Dr. Malone:

“I think that’s fair. And you’re right. It’s not just the literature that the the documentation about the vaccine. It’s the prior literature that was put out by the people that developed it that developed these clones. So they were they were aware that there was a risk of Spike being biologically active in having adverse events if it did not stay stuck to the cells that were transected, that got the RNA and made it OK. And and they used a genetic engineering method of putting a trans membrane domain on it to ensure that it stayed anchored and stayed put. And there they did limited, non-clinical studies to say looks like it stays stuck. We engineered it to stay stuck. They did. And and they published it. Here’s the thing…Is that that’s generally not good enough in a non-clinical data package…”

“…before we get a product released to use in humans, in the normal situation where we’re not in a rush, we have some really rigorous tests that have to be done in animals. And revealing that spike gets cleaved off of express cells and becomes free is something that absolutely should have been known and understood well before this ever gotten put in humans".

Summary of Dr. Malone June 2021 Interview by Discernable.

Inventor of mRNA Dr. Robert Malone, Full Podcast (view at Bitchute).

For a year now, many doctors and scientists have urged the FDA and governments to proceed with caution, as mRNA technology, according to the inventor Dr. Malone, is a completely novel vaccine technology

In December, a former Chief Science Officer and VP for Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, and a German physician, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, called for a halt to all mass vaccinations and human clinical trials of the Pfizer and Moderna injections, based on safety concerns.

Multiple groups of doctors and scientists have also called for a halt to the human experimentation, which based on short term human trials last year, is being called “safe and effective.” (Links to doctors’ calls for halts, partial list: 1, 2, 3).


“safe and effective” - yeah right :sleepy:

Effective for killing humans - nothing else!!

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