USA, kontrastenes land: Michigan: 2 år gamle barn må ha munnbind. Florida: Privatskole ansetter ikke vaksinerte lærere

Fra Mercola.
Les artikkelen om Michigan her.
Les artikkelen om Miami privatskolen her.

Utdrag (Michigan):
"While most other states are lightening up on mask mandates, Michigan is going in the opposite direction and tightening up, this time by lowering the age of who has to wear masks in the state to 2 years old. Like their older peers, all children ages 2 to 4 in Michigan are now required to wear masks in all public spaces, including camps and day cares. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said the new rule was in response to an increase in COVID cases among children in the state.

The Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatricians backs the mandate, but at least one state House representative wants the governor to reconsider. Rep. Rodney Wakeman wrote a letter to Michigan’s Department of Health and demanded that the department produce specific data backing the wearing of masks by 2- to 4-year-olds.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, “Data from the state show children ages 9 and younger make up 11.5 percent of Michigan’s population, but they account for just 3.7 percent of the state’s COVID cases, less than 1 percent of hospitalizations and less than 0.1 percent of COVID deaths, as of April 23"".

Utdrag (Miami privatskolen):
“A Miami private school has notified teachers that if they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19, that they can’t work at the school. Parents received a letter from Center Academy explaining they had “recommended that all faculty and staff hold off on taking the injection until there is further research available on whether this experimental drug is impacting unvaccinated individuals. It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known”.

They said they based their decision on comments “front line doctors” had made about reports of certain ill health conditions that persons who had been around vaccinated individuals had reported. The letter acknowledged that not everyone may agree with the decision to ban vaccinated teachers, but added, “It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known … Our responses and actions have consistently been out of an abundance of caution and thoughtful decision-making when risks to our children are presented".

Ikke rart at Dr. Mike Yeadon, tidligere sjef for forskning hos Pfizer, sa i sitt intervju gjengitt i et tidligere innlegg her, at han vil flytte fra Storbritannia til Florida. Blir Florida et fristed for de som reserverer seg mot mRNA-injeksjonene? Da må de som vil flytte dit handle raskt, før det blir krav om vaksinepass på alle fly og cruiseskip dit. Alternativt kan en kjøpe en stor cabincruiser og ta sjøveien :slightly_smiling_face:.

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The state of Michigan has by now been declared 100% insane!

Florida still have at least some sane people - thanks!

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