Vaksineekspert Dr. Robert Malone på Joe Rogan's podcast

Et nytt og saftig intervju med Dr. Robert Malone ble sluppet på Spotify rett før nyttår.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 - Dr. Robert Malone, MD

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Dr. Robert Malone’s profesjonelle bakgrunn (00:00-13:30)

Bannlyst fra LinkedIn (13:30-17:12)

Robert Malone påpeika gjennom LinkedIn at styreleder hos nyhetsbyrået Thomson Reuters også sitter i styret for Pfizer, og spurte “Does this look like a conflict of interest to you?”.

Da ble han bannlyst fra LinkedIn (eid av Microsoft). Malone fikk senere unnskyldning og fikk komme tilbake på plattformen. Men så ble han bannlyst igjen, fordi en faktasjekker konkluderte at han var en “anti-vaxer” basert på en “angrepsartikkel” fra The Atlantic i Washington D.C. Angrepsartikkelen var skrevet i kjølvannet av en Op-ed i Washington Times der Robert Malone og Peter Navarro kritiserte Biden’s vaksinepolitikk.

Nylig bannlyst fra Twitter (17:12-18:35)

Malone er ikke sikker på hvorfor han ble bannlyst fra Twitter, men antar at det kan ha å gjøre med to hendelser:

Malone henviste til en ‘fantastisk’ video av Canadian Covid Care Alliance Group som oppsummerer feil, manipulering og feiltolkning vedrørende de kliniske testene av Pfizer-vaksinen.

Malone la ut ei lenke til ei nettside fra World Economic Forum hvor de utleverer sin strategi for å administrere media og Covid19-pandemien.

(Eksakt nettside Malone viste til ukjent, men inneholder antagelig manipuleringsstrategier som denne nedenfor.)

Om informert samtykke & undertrykking av fri tale (18:35-20:24)

My position is that people should have the freedom of choice, particularly for their children. And that in order to appropriately choose to participate in a medical experiment, they have to be fully informed of the risks, as well as the benefits. And so I’ve tried really hard to make sure that people have access to the information about those risks and potential benefits; the true and unfiltered academic papers and raw data, et cetera. And the policy that is being implemented is one in which no discussion of the risks are allowed, because by definition they will illicit vaccine hesitance, so it can’t be discussed. But that’s the fundamental back bone of informed consent. So informed consent is not only not happening - it is being actively blocked.

~Dr. Robert Malone

Om tidlig behandling med Flumadine, Hydroksyklorokin og Ivermectin (20:24-35:10)

Zev Zelinko has put together a great little video clip in which he clearly documents the conspiracy between Janet Woodcock (recently head of FDA) and Rick Bright (recently head of Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) to make it so that physicians could not administer hydroxychloroquin outside the hospital. (…) Rick Bright, in videotaped testimony, has explicitly spoken about how they conspired to cook a strategy, using ‘Emergency Use Authorization’, to make it so that hydroxychloroquin could only be administered in hospital, which by the way is too late…

Malone: There’s clearly a concerted effort on the part of multiple players in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with the federal government to kill Ivermectin as a potential alternative early treatment strategy.
Rogan: And if you’re gonna follow the money, the problem is there’s not a lot in Ivermectin, because it is a generic drug and any compound pharmacy can make it, and it’s fairly cheap.
Malone: It’s fairly cheap because it’s easy to make. And you can get Ivermectin in bulk for less than a penny a dose.

De som har vært syke med Covid har høyere sjanse for alvorlige bivirkninger om de tar RNA-vaksinen (35:10-37:45)

Malone tok Moderna’s RNA-vaksine tidlig i 2020 fordi han hadde “long Covid”.

…since then, what we do know for sure - well documented - if you got prior covid and natural immunity, you have a higher risk of adverse events from the jab. (…) So I took two doses of Moderna. With the second dose I developed stage 3 hypertension, with systolic blood pressure of up to 230 - I’m lucky to be alive. What it means is I’ve had a stress test of my aeorta and my cerebral vascular system, and I didn’t have a stroke and I didn’t tear my aorta all to shreds, but it’s a good thing. I had irregularities of heart beat, incredible hypertension, pot syndrome, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome…these are all known side effects that are associated with the vaccine. (…) It’s very clear that people that have natural immunity have a much higher risk factor for this whole spectrum of adverse effects if they get jabbed.

Naturlig immunitet gir mye bedre beskyttelse (37:45-40:18)

Rogan: What we know about natural immunity is that…at least according to that study in Israel, which is what, 2,5 million people, I think…they said it’s between 6 and 13 times more effective than the vaccine.*

Malone: That is 6 or 13 times more effective in preventing hospitalized covid. It’s more like 27-fold better at protecting against developing the disease. Remember infection does not equal disease. And that’s only 1 of over 140 studies that document that natural immunity is superior to the vaccine induced immunity. Oh, and by the way, as a vaccinologist and an immunologist, I wouldn’t expect any different.

Rogan: But the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] recently disputed this, didn’t they?

Malone: It was a fascinating play. So the CDC - for most of us, that are at all objective in the science world - look at what’s going on with the CDC aghast. I mean, the CDC is just…compromised. What they did with that was a very small study with intrinsic bias all over the place…much, much smaller than the Israeli study that you’re citing…much less rigorous, less statistical power…and they pushed that out as their justification for their position concerning natural immunity.

The Trusted News Initiative & legemiddelindustrien.
Sensur, deplattforming, cancel culture.
The Great Barrington Declaration.

Nasjoners ulike reaksjon på pandemien.
Mer testing gir større “rate of infection”.
Om validiteten av studier.
Finansielle incentiv for sjukehus.
Tukling med hvilke data som brukes i studier (som Pfizer-studien).

Pfizer og Thomson Reuter har samme korporative eierskap; sistnevnte faktasjekker for Twitter (som bannlyste Dr. Robert Malone).
Leger som mister lisensen for å være kritiske til RNA-vaksinene.
Mye undertrykking og motstand fra sjukehus, som har finansielle incentiver for å være pro RNA-vaksiner.

Bivirkninger fra RNA-vaksinene.
Eggstokker og menstruasjon.
Piggprotein, ACE2, mikrokoagulering, autoimmun sykdom, blod-hjerne-barriere og hjerneinflammasjon.
Piggproteinets dynamikk og toksisitet.

Hvorfor får noen reaksjoner og andre ikke? 1:46:01-1:48:09

Long covid and post vaccination syndrome, in terms of the spectrum of the syndrome, the incidents…their indistinguishable…they’re the same thing. So why? One of the factors that seems to be common is this kind of hyperglycemic index. People that are not necessarily diabetic, but they may be pre-diabetic, or they have problems with carbohydrate-metabolism, or they’re eating too many sugars, or whatever the thing is, so they’ve got elevated hemoglobin-A1C, et cetera. People that have high glycemic indexes seem to be particularly susceptible to these effects. Now that is a syndrome associated with an inflammatory state in blood vessels.

Hvordan påvirker RNA-vaksinene immunforsvaret? (1:48:10-2:10:26)

Kan RNA-vaksiner gjøre at T-celler slutter å hemme latente DNA-virus?

CDC never talks about it, but it’s clearly there in the literature…you know in places like even the New England Journal of Medicine…it’s clearly there in the VAERS database…is latent virus reactivation. (…) We have a bunch of DNA-viruses that basically hide inside our body, and they are kept suppressed. (…) One of the things that happen [as we grow older] is that your T-cells becomes increasingly focused on suppressing the DNA-viruses that we’ve all been parasitized by…like cytomegalovirus (CMV). And so you can watch over time the diversity of T-cells in a persons body who’s infected by CMV, as they get older and older, their T-cells get more and more focused on just trying to keep CMV in the box, and not let it out. So when we see DNA-viruses…you know, pandora’s box is opening, and they’re jumping out of there…well, the thing that keeps pandora’s box closed is T-cell responses. Ryan Cole, pathologist, has a deep understanding of this. As he points out…he’s seeing referrals from oncologists…of cancers, that are unusual…they are occuring early, they are behaving irregularly, they are behaving aggressively…now right now this is still anectodally, and I’m not saying we’re all gonna die of cancer, but this is another of those little “uh-oh’s”, because the thing that keep cancer suppressed is T-cells. Then we have the laboratory data…that we’re seeing abnormalitites in the key signaling molecules that T-cells use to talk to each other…that are associated in particular with the RNA-vaccines. So something is happening that is causing release of T-cell suppresion, reactivation of latent DNA-viruses…maybe some signals related to oncology, some changes in T-cell behaviour.

Kanskje større sjanse for å få omikron jo flere ganger en er vaksinert.

What we’re doing with administering a mismatched vaccine, is we’re driving the effector in memory cells…B and T…towards a population that is focused on a virus that no longer exists. (…) I think what could be happening (…) is that we’re driving the immune response towards responding to an antigen that no longer exists, with omikron. (…) We’re taking the spike protein…only one of the proteins…the immunological dominant protein…and we’re jabbing everybody multiple times, and driving memory cells and effector cells to a virus that is not the one we’re encountering. So it could very well be that as you’re taking more jabs, you’re further skewing your immune response in a way that’s dysfunctional for infection [from] omikron.

“Omikron-varianten” gir symptomer på nivå med en vanlig forkjølelse (2:10:27-2:21:03)

Data fra Hong Kong indikerer at omikron er mindre sykdomsfremkallende.

The mortality from Omikron is remarkably low. (…) The list of symptoms from Omikron published in Nature, I think, recently, is pretty much 100% overlapping with common cold.

Hastegodkjenningen av eksperimentelle RNA-vaksiner i USA er ulovlig (2:21:04)

Our government is out of control on this. They are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common rule. They have broken all the rules that I’ve been trained on for years and years. These mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal; they are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg code; they are explicitly inconsistent with the Belmont report; they are flat out illegal and they do not care.

Joe Rogan & Spotify gjør delvis knefall

I slutten av januar truet den canadiske musikeren Neil Young med å fjerne alle låtene sine fra Spotify om de ikke fjernet podcast-verten Joe Rogan. Andre musikere har truet med det samme. Spotify valgte å beholde Joe Rogan.

Som respons på mediestormen la Joe Rogan ut en liten video 31. januar der han delte tankene sine. Videoen begynner lovende, og jeg var glad for å høre hva Joe Rogan fortalte:

Joe Rogan på Spotify: ‘Hello Friends’
Youtube-kopi: ‘Joe Rogan’s thoughts on the latest controversy with Spotify’

The podcast has been accused of spreading dangerous misinformation. Specifically about two episodes. A little bit about some other ones, but specifically about two: One with Dr. Peter McCullough and one with Dr. Robert Malone. (…)

The problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today, is that many of the things we thought of as misinformation just a short while ago are now accepted as fact. Like for instance:

  • Eight months ago, if you said “if you get vaccinated, you can still catch Covid, and you can still spread Covid” you’d be removed from social media. They would ban you from certain platforms. Now…that’s accepted as fact!
  • If you said “I don’t think cloth masks work” you would be banned from social media. Now…that’s openly and repeatedly stated on CNN.
  • If you said “I think it’s possible that Covid-19 came from a lab” you’d be banned from many social media platforms. Now…that’s on the cover of Newsweek.

All of those theories, that at one point in time were banned, were openly discussed by those two men that I had on my podcast, that have been accused of dangerous misinformation.

…men så viser det seg dessverre at Rogan bøyer av for presset. Før, i samtalen med Robert Malone, så var Rogan genuint kritisk til det offisielle narrativet om Covid og vaksiner, men nå reduserer han sitt standpunkt til at han “bare pratet med McCullough og Malone for å høre hva de hadde å si”, mens han nærmest adresserer ovenfra-og-ned-narrativet som “det objektive”:

One of the things that Spotify wants to do, that I agree with, is that…at the beginning of these controversial podcasts, like specifically ones about Covid, is to put a disclaimer, and say that you should speak with your physician and that these people and the opinions they express are contrary to the opinions of the consensus of experts. Which I think is important. Sure, have that on there; I’m very happy with that. Also, I think…if there’s anything that I’ve done that I could do better…is have more experts with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones. I would most certainly be open to doing that.

Her mener jeg Joe Rogan trår feil. Det er gjennom å intervjue eksperter som McCullough og Malone at Rogan skaper en motpol og balanse til det ensidige provaksine-narrativet til overmakta; det blir igjen ubalanse om Rogan skal definere de som deler vaksinekritiske data som “folk med kontroversielle meninger som ikke stemmer overens med det ekspertene er enige om”, og alltid følge opp med “de objektive meningene til rett-troende eksperter” hver gang han slipper til noen som overmakta misliker.

I kjølvannet av beskydningene om å spre desinformasjon om vaksiner, så har kritikken forvandlet seg til rasismebeskyldninger, og Spotify har fjernet hele 113 episoder av The Joe Rogan Experience. Okei, så dette handlet ikke om Covid og vaksiner, men bare om å kvele dissidenter?

For meg ser det ut som at angrepet på Joe Rogan kommer fra reaksjonære liberale/progressive og den politisk-økonomiske maktkonsentrasjon - som i dag går i tospann. Her hadde Joe Rogan og svenske Spotify en glimrende mulighet til å slå et slag for den frie diskurs i samfunnet, og isteden gjorde de delvis knefall.

…heldigvis har ikke veven mistet vettet og humoren.