Dystre tall for studenters psykiske helse

Så mange som 45 prosent av de spurte studentene svarer at de har alvorlige psykiske symptomplager, som er en økning på 14 prosent siden 2018. Det kommer fram i Studentenes helse og trivselsundersøkelse for 2021 som ble lagt fram mandag denne uka.

Dette er en relatert diskusjon ved siden av det originale innlegget ved https://steigan.no/2021/04/dystre-tall-for-studenters-psykiske-helse/

Klipte denne kommentaren fra Off guardians kommentarfelt fordi den var bra, og har en innstilling vi bør formidle til ungdommen:

Time to consider the glass half full. Fuck what we have lost, let’s not cry over spilled milk. That’s for chickenshit losers.

Let’s see what we’ve GAINED.

We’ve gained the knowledge that the world is FUCKED UP. End-to-end fucked up, that is. The cherished this and that, such as democracy, freedom, healthcare, science, human rights, free press, and so on is a crock of shit, a shiny facade on a derelict, crumbling building.

Those of us with an open mind have more or less known this all along and others, unless completely dulled by yet another fucking gizmo shoved down their throat, might have suspected it, while conveniently turning their head the other way, preferring not to think, for instance, where the cheap fucking gas for the can of sardines in which they transport their lardy ass come from, namely from fucking over some barefooted bearded mountain people on the other side of the world.

The mask is now off … figuratively only, unfortunately … Anyway, the establishment is openly going after people. Everybody can see that, and idiots who choose not to will soon feel it.

What we’ve gained is the fact that the illusion is gone. What we’ve gained is the realization, which will happen sooner or later, that if we want a better life, we have to do something about it.

Fuck whining about what we’ve lost. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Let’s get going, kick the motherfuckers’ asses, and create a better world for ourselves!